凡事预则立 不预则废

凡事预则立 不预则废

凡事预则立 不预则废凡事预则立 不预则废凡事预则立 不预则废

Success Lies In Preparations


“To help high school students set long-term goals"


Our Value


 Aim to guide the Chinese students to find their passion in college, attain a job after graduation, and pursue a meaningful life 


Our Approach


Engage families with shared educational resources; Inspire learners through art integration education


Our Vision


Develop creative & innovative thinkers 

Enable wise decision makers and super leaders


Our unique program特色服务

Occupational Research-Based College Counseling Program


  • to increase student’s awareness of career planning - Let students take the career assessments which will gives a picture of the potential areas that students might be excel. 
  • to guide students on the occupational research - Use the assessment result to guide students explore the occupation they might be passionate with.
  • to guide students on academic planning – Leverage the observation / finding of the occupational research to make high school academic planning, which includes course selection, pairing with mentors, and develop social & emotional learning 
  • to help students identify their career goals and related major – Enable students to become more confident when choosing a major and a college 


Comments from professionals专业评价

Dr. Ettinger, Career Counseling Expert & CSP Master Trainer

"Jian, I feel that it (career counseling) is an important part of college counseling and a component that is often not a focus of services offered so compliments to you for wanting to become better trained in this body of knowledge and skill

Natalie D. , Independent Educational Counselor

“I just looked at your site and it's so impressive! I too had a career change after realizing my calling was to work with college students. I would love to learn more about how you got your independent counseling career off the ground.”

Lana G. Education Advisor

“The services you provide are really unique and must be such a blessing to your clients. I really like the idea of the summer camp that you do- what a great way to get your students actively involved, get a feel for college life, and start the admission process with future goals in mind."