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About The Founder

Jian Liang, Expert in Innovative Education

  • Graduated from Fudan University with a Bachelor's degree in Economics
  • Graduated from California Baptist University with a Master's degree in Student Development
  • 12 years of Multinational company working experience
  • 2 years of American higher education working experience


  • Obtained a TESOL certificate from University of California, Riverside 
  • Obtaining a STEAM Education certificate from University of San Diego


  • Member of National Science Teacher Association
  • Member of American Translation Association 
  • Member of Association of International Educator

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Our Value

Respect Interest

Nurture Personality

Encourage Innovation

Develop Skills

Our Approach

Inspire leaners through integrating art into education. Enable creative and innovative thinkers.

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A professional and passionate team with a profound background in Education; A strong team of advisors with a multi-national, multi-industrial, and multi-cultural background; A high-quality and high-level of tailor-made services; A full range of diversified products  


Develop students into people who have the ability of thinking and researching like a scholar; who have the readiness level to face the real-life challenge and take on the civic duties; who can provide creative solutions and make wise decisions. 


Exploring the area of interest, diagnosing the skills, and evaluating the personality in order to identify the potential of a personal development.


Using the most innovative way of instruction, our teachers highly engage students into the process of learning by focusing on learner's strengths.


A team of professional from educational and industrial background provides the most hands-on experience sharing

Training & Development

Develop youth to be with proper life skills and increase the readiness level for both real life and career.

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